Alojamientos Universidad de Valladolid

Site request

Before requesting

Before asking one make sure you are clear for what you need and the content you will have in them.

It is not the same to create a hosting to have a blog as a hosting to store files. Depending on what needs you have, you can create a place in one place or another or by some needs or others.

If you need help, please get in with

Hosting types

There are different types of hosting depending on what you need.

In the even that any type doesn't fit your need, please, get in touch with where we will try to help you to find the solution that best suits.

All hosts has a maximum physical space of 250 Mb. The database has no limit.

How to request one

To request one you must complete the form on the website of the University of Valladolid (PDF).

You can then send this document by internal mail to the following address:

Area WEB
Edificio Rector Tejerina
Tlf: 983184771
Request document (Descarga del PDF)

Response to your request

Once your request has been received in the Web Service Area in a period of 1 day, the creation of your site will be done, receiving the access data of the same in the email address provided.

In case the request is not duly completed we will contact you at the email address or at the telephone number you provide.

Important: Before your request and as long as you have it you must comply term of use.

Not enough free space

If you try to save some files and you can not, maybe it is because you do not have enough free space, that is to say it has exhausted the granted space of storage.

You have several solutions:

  • Delete old files not in use
  • Delete files with name thumbs.db over Windows
  • Delete files with name .DS_Store over macOS
  • Optimize your web by saving the images of the same in a format that occupies less or in worse quality
  • Request more quota

My website is less than 250 Mb on my computer but I can not copy it

The storage system is based on a Unix machine with a different file system than you can have on your computer. The size that tells you that it occupies on your computer may not correspond with the actual size in the storage machine due to file system causes.

On machines under Windows and with FAT file system (16 or 32) the size of the cluster can be very different from the size on the hosting server. If your web has a multitude of files of small size your web can occupy a different space than in the storage server.

To solve it, in case you need more space, ask for more quota.

Doesn't connect

If you have a firewall on your machine, allow incoming and outgoing connections to the storage server you want to connect to ( or

Necesary port for connect are 139 and 445 over TCP.

Doesn't connect over Windows

Some computers with Windows XP and network features may have problems connecting to storage. To solve them take a look at el blog del Webmaster.

If your problem persists you can try to connect through the IP (instead of the DNS name) of the storage server:

Doesn't connect over Windows Vista/Windows 7

Some computers running Windows 7 or Windows Vista are unable to connect to storage because of a problem similar to the one with Windows XP. Please, take a look at the tutorial on el blog del Webmaster para Windows Vista y Windows 7.

If you have Windows 7 Home, you must take a look at this procedure.

Doesn't connect over macOS

Under some circumstances and under some versions of OSX you may not be able to connect to the hosting, always indicating "incorrect password".

Please, in this case keep in contact with

Lot of files Thumbs.db on Windows XP

thumbs.db como eliminarlos

The Thumbs.db are config files for the Windows Explorer to know where it must put the icons when you open a folder. This files wich have size no zero can be annoying and waste space.

To not create this type of file, please, take a look at this tutorial on the blog del Webmaster.

Lot of files Thumbs.db on Windows Vista/7

thumbs.db como eliminarlos

The Thumbs.db are config files for the Windows Explorer to know where it must put the icons when you open a folder. This files wich have size no zero can be annoying and waste space.

To not create this type of file, please, take a look at this tutorial on the blog del Webmaster.

Delete .DS_Store files on macOS

macOS o OSX uses files named DS_Store to have some Finder's configuration. On this files there's icons ubications and how to show files on folders.

This files are waste space on the hosting, to not create please follow this tutorial on the blog del Webmaster.

Request more quota

If you do not have physical space on the server and need to increase the space, you must send another request for hosting, including:

  • Name of the host
  • Space needed (no the extra size)
  • Why you need it

It must be fulled by the same person who request the hosting.

Maximum file size will be 1Gb.

Please, be aware that hosting servers are shared by many users, be consistent with the space you ask for. The STIC does not have infinite storage and increasing the storage space of the servers is much more expensive than the storage of the desktop equipment to be other type of equipment.

If you need more than 1Gb, please, be in contact with Servicio Web calling to internal extension 4771.

Technical info

On this page you will find a PHP dump wich can be usefull and help to develop better web apps.


1. What they are
The accommodations consist of a remote storage space, with restricted access and accessible as a Windows shared drive.
2. Use
The shared folder can only be used by the authorized service personnel and only for own use, being expressly forbidden any other type of use, such as:
  • use servers to allow a third party access to the servers, whatever the method used
  • direct access to the network disk from outside except in those specific cases with the consent of the STIC
3. Request
In order to obtain it, the responsible must make a written request which, once the request has been studied, will decide whenther or not to gran it. The responsible must associate his request with an email address belonging to the University of Valladolid, not granting request from other email adresses
4. Notifications
All incidents or notifications related to the host will be made with the responsible by email or phone
5. Files
The host is not intended as private storage. In the case of detecting a lodging for his use will be eliminated and the person in charge admonished.
  • The host is designer to contain HTML oriented files, for example, images, PHP files, CSS files, JS. In the case of storing suspicious files or something that's considered not to be there, we will send an email to the responsable indicating it.
  • You will have five days to regularize the situation either by deleting or contacting to indicate why the need of such files.
  • We have an antivirus that will inform you in case of detecting a virus. You will have five days to delete it or the file will be deleted.
6. File content
No illegal content, serial, movies, pornography or any other content that is outlawed is allowed. In case, the host will be removed and the responsible will be warned.
7. Responsability
The responsible of the host will be the maximum responsible of the content existing in that host.
8. Web apps installed
If third party utilities are installed (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, etc ...) and due to the existence of a specific service, those responsible should have updated to the latest version. In case of detecting a housing with lower versions may be erased as posing a danger to the rest of the accommodation due to the use of exploits against that housing that give permissions to access the rest of the machine.
9. Web Area responsability
The Web Area is not responsible for the content of stored files, applications or bugs that may be contained. The Web Area is only responsible for the proper functioning of the system.
10. Help with rules
In case of any doubt about the rules or their compliance, please be in contact with Área Web of the University of Valladolid.